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Upcoming Political Anniversaries

Mr. Bob  Chiarelli Mr. Bob Chiarelli
Elected: Thu 4th Mar 2010
Prov. Liberal
Ottawa West - Nepean
Mr. Steve Clark Mr. Steve Clark
Elected: Thu 4th Mar 2010
Prov. PC
Leeds - Grenville
Mr. Norm Miller Mr. Norm Miller
Elected: Thu 22nd Mar 2001
Prov. PC
Parry Sound - Muskoka
Mrs. Lisa MacLeod Mrs. Lisa MacLeod
Elected: Thu 30th Mar 2006
Prov. PC
Nepean - Carleton
Mr. Peter Tabuns Mr. Peter Tabuns
Elected: Thu 30th Mar 2006
Prov. NDP

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Mon 15th Jan 2018
2017 Ontario Election Riding Analysis


Current MPP
Julia Munro – Ontario PC Party

Legislative Profile
Riding Details
Provincial Riding Profile and Past Results
Federal Riding Profile and Past Results
Riding Map
Map – York–Simcoe, Ontario
Candidates for 2018 Election           
PC Party - Caroline Mulroney Website        Bio
Ontario Liberal Party – TBD
Ontario NDP – Mary Smith Website        Bio
Green Party of Ontario – TBD                   

News Feed
Caroline Mulroney acclaimed as PC Party Candidate in York Simcoe
Julia Munro announces retirement

Grassroots Analysis
Here is where Grassroots would write a 200-300 word analysis of the riding likely closer to the election giving our thoughts on the likely winner.