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Tue 12th Feb 2019

Op-Ed: Agricultural Superpower

Op-Ed: Agricultural Superpower
Earth is home to 7.7 billion hungry people, and climbing.  Who will feed the world into the future?  The opportunities for innovative food-producing nations are staggering, and Canada is well positioned to become one of the world’s great agricultural superpowers.  Except, (More)
Mon 19th Nov 2018

PC Convention 2018

I was one of many registered PC delegates who attended last weekend’s AGM in Toronto. Holding a policy convention immediately after an election is not typical, however the party’s constitution mandated one be held. While some media coverage focused on a few controversial policy ideas (More)
Thu 15th Nov 2018

2018 Fall Economic Statement “A Plan for the People”

2018 Fall Economic Statement “A Plan for the People”   This afternoon, Ontario Finance Minister Vic Fedeli rose in the Ontario Legislature with his iconic gold tie and delivered the 2018 Fall Economic Statement (FES) named An Act to Enact, Amend and Repeal Various (More)