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Government Relations
Government and the private sector are two very different worlds.  The team at Grassroots understands the challenges your business or organization face when dealing with governments at all three levels. We leverage our many long term relationships with elected officials, senior staff, and government employees for your benefit. Our team members will utilize their expertise to help you identify the government contacts that are most influential for your business’ priorities, and we’ll work with you to ensure your messaging is framed and targeted to the right people at the right level of government. Maintaining positive, proactive relationships with government is something every industry should prioritize.

Issue Campaigns
The focus and strength of our business is in the creation and execution of effective “Grassroot” campaigns that highlight important matters for you and your stakeholders. We help prioritize your issues, confirm your targeted audience, and equip your stakeholders to apply multiple points of awareness to elected officials at the community level. Your stakeholders represent important voices within their constituencies and we provide experience and expertise to ensure your messages are heard and dealt with. Campaigns can be designed locally for issues within a single city, or nationally to federal Members of Parliament across the country.

Parliamentary Monitoring
Issues and policies that are important to your industry can pop up at any time. Sometimes a small story on one day can lead to front page news the next. As your eyes and ears in government we monitor and review media and political issues as they unfold and keep you informed on the news that affects your business. When important events or matters occur related to your business or issue, we assess its impact, provide you immediate feedback, and make sure you are not caught off guard. Like an early warning system, we make sure news and events outside your circle of control are managed and dealt with in a proactive manner.

Lobby Days
One of the best ways for your organization to communicate your messaging is to host an event at the legislature. Whether at Queens Park or Parliament Hill, our team can help ensure your day is a success. Grassroots can help schedule and plan meetings with elected officials and their staff, organize a reception including a breakfast or lunch, and provide assistance and support with other events during your team's visit to parliament.