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Management Consulting

Corporate Communications
In the complex economies of the 21st century,  the spheres of the public and private sectors must understand and collaborate with each other on an ever-increasing basis. Our team of communications experts can help ensure your corporate communications are designed and presented in a way that stands out from the competition. From general media releases, to summaries on surveys and budget submissions, we will help your business sell itself professionally to people in government.

Public Relations Strategies
Your organization’s reputation and brand is too important to leave up to chance. In today's web-based environment, opinions tend to spread like wild-fire. Grassroots can help to make sure your strengths and messaging are promoted in a manner that will garner maximum attention by the audience most important to you. We will develop a strategic PR plan that can include industry research,  “thought leadership” papers written for your executive team, in addition to promotion through other traditional and new emerging communication channels.

Not-For-Profit Consulting
Several members of the Grassroots team have experience running not-for-profit organizations. While the mission and purpose of a not-for-profit may differ from the private sector, the need for an effective strategy to build a winning brand is the same. Should you require help in sector specific research, or in developing a fund raising strategy, we can help!