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Professional Development

In addition to having effective expertise on government relations and impactful lobbying strategies, the team at Grassroots Public Affairs strives to deliver continued added value for their clients. Our desire is to not merely meet expectations but to exceed them, resulting in the creation of our Professional Development Series. These are interactive, high energy workshops for industry leaders, business associations, boards of directors and organizational teams that want to elevate their insight about how the political world works to gain added leverage for their cause. Each can be customized from 1 hour to one day in length, to meet your exact requirements. Contact us for more information!

Workshop Themes Include: 
Communications: Clarity – Consistency – Collaboration 

Grassroots trademark approach to help you gain increased success in messaging, a message that will be heard and acted upon by government, requires a fully focused approach. This workshop addresses how to structure, tell and sell your story so that your message is far less likely to be considered “just another pitch”.  We bring you real world business experience and practical, no nonsense communication knowledge and coaching to equip you with the tools and tactics necessary to get your message across. Stand out from the crowd using the 3 C’s of communications.
Government 101 – Who’s who of the political landscape

This workshop focuses on giving you added insight to the power brokers and people with true influence within government. You’ll get deep insight as to how the mechanisms of government work. You will leave the workshop with improved knowledge of those individuals who should be targeted when advocating for your industry and your issues. The right message will get maximum impact only when directed and delivered to the right people. 
Legislation 101 – How bills get introduced and passed

This workshop explains how bills are introduced and passed within provincial and federal governments. Learn the distinguishing features of Private Member Bills and other forms of Government Legislation and the staff who help shuttle bills through. Learn the critical importance of timing and simple legislative strategies that will get support and those to avoid. When you understand the system, you can better work the system.
Polling 101 – How polling works and why it’s important

Every day you hear more and more about polls and polling used to measure public opinion on one topic or another. Polling is critically important for organizations when seeking government support. This workshop will open your eyes to the world of polling and pollsters … and what separates the good from the bad.
Brexit – Trump – Canada: What is the electorate looking for and how could that trend impact future Canadian elections?

Recent election outcomes have surprised most of the pundits and so called experts. From Brexit in Great Britain and the recent surprise election of Donald Trump in the USA, it appears that voters are restless and looking for their governments to deliver serious change. Can that same phenomena be expected in Canada? What are the reasons behind this desire for massive change? This timely seminar will focus on recent results and look ahead to future elections in Canada.